Standard Vocabulary for Animation and CGI

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Standard Vocabulary for Animation and CGI

Postby crashdownstudio » Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:58 am

Hi Everyone,

I would like to make vocabulary list for our artists in Shanghai, China. I would like to make sure it is accurate, clear and used around the industry.

Here is some of the terms that we use in our studio and is written for a lecture I will host later.

1. VFX = Visual Effects, added to imagery added to live action, integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical (Computer Related; Made in Maya or 3D software (but it is not 3D Animation)

Composition using NUKE, FLAME, Fusion etc. is VFX, not animation (to respect to animators in the industry of animation animation) in VFX could be used like “VFX” “Visual Effect” or “VFX Simulation” (because if you let the computer do the work, your not really animating, your simulating and putting the renders together)

- “Particle effects animation”, should be Particle Effects Simulation, Real Flow Simulation.
- VFX Artist is strange but lets me believe you draw and make mock ups, design the in
animate VFX.

2. Motion Graphics = Graphic design moving around on the screen, in Digital or Traditional Animated method

3. Render Artist / Composition Artist = It is good for those experts in Rendering and putting together the files in NUKE, After Effects etc. Due to Animators being forced into this position, I found it being abused in the industry. You want an expert in Rendering in Arnold, please specifically ask for it. “Render Artist, Mental Render Expert, Arnold Render Expert” Don't be assuming an Animator knows about Rendering it is broad field and a lot of information.

4. SFX = Sound Effects (Added Audio effects in edit, audio recorded effect) I use SFX is for Sound Effects, unless the team says “Audio Effects” then it has to be noted through out the entire project

5. Special Effects should be related to Practical Effects (No CGI) "special effects" referring to mechanical and optical effects, keep the industry vocabulary like this for script development so the production does not get confused when mixing Special Effects, Sound FX and Visual FX.

6. CGI = Computer Generated Imagery (Digital Mattes, 3D Models for Film and TV) A CGI character animated, a CGI Prop in background, CGI animal mixed in live actions should be labelled “CGI” , as VFX is saved for explosion, blood, computer-generated magic generated by computer simulation.

7. Animation = its too broad so lets break it down:

- Digital Animation – Digital Animators who use flash, even TV Paint, goes
into the digital computer to animate (which is fine, but seperate it from classic paper and pencil)

CGI Animation / 3D Animated Movie Film etc. : 3D Characters, 3D world (movies like “Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda”) (Make sure the job labels are correct on some of the items, you should be specific to which software animators. (Such as “Maya Animators”, “Houdini Animators” requested) Don't mix CGI Animation, with VFX, or the shot is not pure 3D.

Stop Motion Animation (Live models shot by camera)

Classical Animation (Paper and Pencil) also called Traditional Animation

Stylized Animation (Flash / After Effects Limited / Computer Aided Animation)

Layout Artist (Computer-generated Art) is arrangement of elements in the shot to be used in the production, about Layout Artist for classic animation is drawing and arrangement of the shot to be used in classic animation *using key pose and background placeent of camera moves

Note: If you use After Effects, Harmony, (software animation) in your resume, make sure to say “Harmony Animator” “After Effects Animator” is different because of motion graphics attributes. (Harmony Animator is to draw, paint, rig and animate in Harmony using SWAP CELS, CHARACTER RIGS, Pencil tools etc.)
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